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Houses along the Quais des Peceaux in Joinville, France

Houses along the Quais des Peceaux in Joinville, France

Champagne-Ardennes property

If the word 'champagne' makes your mouth water, it is good to know that the Champagne-Ardennes region is also a feast for the eyes. Miles of roadway wind between hill and vale covered with green vineyards. The many natural parks, forests and lakes are just great for hikers, cyclists and fishing enthusiasts. Property in Champagne-Ardennes is still very affordable even if the prices of houses for sale in the towns is a little higher. Let us not forget the historical heritage of Reims Cathedral where the Kings of France were crowned for eight centuries.

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Haute-Marne Property

A rather unknown department, Haute-Marne is however, with its vast forests, its lakes and many rivers, a paradise for fishing, hiking and bird watching enthusiasts... in fact for all nature lovers. But fans of old buildings and history will also find plenty to see: Langres, a beautiful fortified town, Chaumont, medieval city on a rocky spur, and of course, Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises and its huge Lorraine cross that can be seen for miles. All this without speaking about the delightful half timbered houses in the Pays du Der. What is there to say about property in Haute-Marne? There are a lot of houses for sale there at all prices: town houses in Bourbonne-les-Bains, village houses in Fayl-Billot, or manor style houses in Langres.

Apartments and houses for sale in Haute-Marne

Houses in Chaumont-sur-Marne, France

Houses in Chaumont-sur-Marne, France

Aube Property

Forests, hills and vineyards are all part of the Aube landscape. The roads are marked by delightful churches with wooden boarding and Troyes is a town of art and history with an exceptional historical center. For relaxation: the Champagne Route for wine tasting, the big lakes and the Regional Park of Orient Forest for hiking and water sports. Property in Aube comes at all prices, including many houses with land. So over to you to choose: an apartment in the center of Troyes, a country house in Bar-sur-Aube, or a modern house in Aubeterre. And think of the evening, after a glass of champagne, you can feast on a good andouillette and a piece of chaource, delicious cow's milk cheese.

Apartments and houses for sale in Aube

Maison du Dauphin, Troyes

Maison du Dauphin, Troyes

Property in the Ardennes

Sedan Castle, Sedan The Ardennes, a frontier department on the Belgium border, offer beautiful, varied landscapes: the Ardennes mountains with the meandering Meuse river, the vast chalky plain of Champagne and the rolling countryside of the Thiérache. You can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities including boat trips on the rivers and canals. Quiet simply, a quiet, natural department. Given its geographical location, this department has often been invaded and has retained a rich heritage including the castle of Sedan or the extraordinary star fortifications of Rocroi. Property in the Ardennes is affordable for all budgets, or almost... So, will it be a town house in Rocroi, a former train station by the canal in Vouziers or a renovated farmhouse in Regniowez.

Apartments and houses for sale in Ardennes

Property in the Ardennes

Property in the Ardennes

Marne Property

Gourmets and fans of religious architecture will really love life in this department! The champagne road, Reims Cathedral, or the basilica of Notre-Dame-de-l'Epine, masterpieces of Gothic art, along with the astonishing churches with wooden paneling in the Pays du Der, are a delight for all. To relax after seeing all these wonders, what better than to go for a swim, or to relax in the sun on the banks of the lake at Der-Chantecoq, the biggest artificial lake in France? As to property in the Marne, there are all types, at all prices! So, an apartment in Châlons-sur-Marne,, or a house in the vineyards near Reims? And why not a canal boat on the Marne?

Apartments and houses for sale in Marne

Village in the vineyards, Marne

Village in the vineyards, Marne

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