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Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris

French property

As the first tourist destination worldwide, France offers its visitors from all over the world a very rich historic and cultural heritage. From Marseille to Brest, from Biarritz to Metz, or from Toulouse to Lille, France offers a palette of diverse and varied regions with their particularities and their own architecture. Town houses, country houses or old mills, villas on the coast, town center apartments, stately homes, manors or castles: you will find a very wide choice in property terms and is the ideal site for your house purchase in France!

  • Aquitaine
  • Auvergne
  • Basse-Normandie
  • Midi-Pyrénées
  • Burgundy

Aquitaine property

A region of contrasts between the sea and the mountains, Aquitaine is a rich land with varied landscapes. Property in Aquitaine is also very varied. All types of houses for sale are available from the Landes or Basque style house to the Béarn or Périgord style farmhouse. After being an English territory for some time, the Duchy of Aquitaine was definitively attached to the French crown. It is a real paradise for property where it is good to live all year round, or simply for the holidays. Surfers, skiers, hikers, gourmets and lovers of old monuments find what they want here.

Apartments and houses for sale in Aquitaine

Auvergne property

With its old volcanoes, its lakes and vast high pasture lands, Auvergne offers authenticity and a real change of scenery. Property in Auvergne is without doubt among the most affordable in France. Half timbered houses, thatched cottages, farmhouses and houses in rammed earth are all part of the landscape. Of course, this is not a destination for party goers and clubbers, but nature lovers as well as fans of Romanesque art and medieval chateaux will find what they are looking for here. Not to mention those visiting the spas, because they have been famous here for hundreds of years. The Romans already used the hot water from the volcanoes. So why not look at the property for sale in Auvergne?

Apartments and houses for sale in Auvergne

Normandy property

Lower Normandy is a beautiful region with a very rich historical heritage. Seaside resorts or wooded Norman countryside, Bayeux or the beaches of the Normandy landings, there is something for everyone. The gourmet delights are numerous: fresh cream, seafood and roast salt meadow lamb are on the menu.

Property in Lower Normandy is extremely varied and offers the opportunity of finding the house of one's dreams. All types of property are for sale: apartments, villas, farms, etc. Buying a house in Normandy will give you the chance of seeing, through one of your windows, the extraordinary silhouette of Mont Saint Michel.

Apartments and houses for sale in Basse-Normandie

Midi-Pyrenees property

For the inhabitants of Midi-Pyrenees, the splendid landscapes of the region are a normal feature. The same rule applies to the gastronomy, where cassoulet, foie gras, truffles, armagnac or monbazillac seem to be part of daily life. A house for sale in Toulouse? Cultural dynamism and effervescence will be on the program. Otherwise: quiet and authenticity. Each corner of this vast and rich region has its own traditions and its own architecture. This is why property in Midi-Pyrenees is very varied and the choice of houses for sale varies according to place: old shepherds' houses, the rectangular houses of Quercy or 'Petites Toulousaines' (small Toulouse houses), to mention just a few.

Apartments and houses for sale in Midi-Pyrénées

Burgundy property

Would you like to buy a property in Burgundy? It is certainly the region that is widely known for its top class gastronomy and great wines. But it is not only a destination for gourmets and experts in wine. It also has a very rich history. The site of Alésia and the magnificent Hospices de Beaune, among others, are the proof. Property in Burgundy is also very rich and varied. Town houses in stone or farmhouses with land, it is possible to find houses for sale in Burgundy to suit all tastes. The Burgundy Canal and the nearby Jura will also appeal to fans of the outdoors.

Apartments and houses for sale in Burgundy

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