is a site publishing private and agency real estate adverts on Internet.

Aerial view of the site premises

Located in the centre of Paris, not far from Montsouris Park, our company aims to give international visibility to real estate sales.

We have progressively extended our services and we now offer a full range of worldwide property search services in 18 languages.

We have been developing our services since 2004 by trying to remain loyal to our initial vocation: a simple site with international visibility.

  • Simple: Develop an approach that is sober, yet fun and accessible to beginners.
  • Visible: Give good exposure to each advert by giving specific referencing to each one.
  • International: Publish the specific features of property through our accredited translators and our patented search engine.

Since 2009 the name has been replaced progressively by so as to enable us to have a name that makes us stand out clearly from the competition and show our international vocation.


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