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Lac de Vouglans, Jura

Lac de Vouglans, Jura

Franche-Comté property

Region of legends and a paradise for cross country skiers, Franche-Comté is a dream world for nature lovers. Almost half of the region is covered with dense forest which hide many lakes and waterfalls. The Haut-Jura and the Plateau of a Thousand Ponds confirm this. Property in Franche-Comté is traditional and the houses which are for sale are generally big. Buying a house in Besançon or an apartment in Dole will plunge you into an architectural heritage that is very rich, a legacy of a sumptuous past. Finally, the geographical location of Franch-Comté, near Italy, Switzerland and Germany, puts this region firmly at the heart of Europe.

  • Haute-Saône
  • Jura
  • Doubs
  • Territoire-de-Belfort

Haute-Saône Property

If you are a night owl, then Haute-Saône is probably not the best place for you, because this is a department that is really green. There are no big towns here, but well preserved countryside studded with charming little villages, hectares of forests, kilometers of streams and rivers and loads of ponds. The Regional Park of Ballons des Vosges, the Plateau des Mille Etangs, or the Saône Valley, really meet the needs of people looking for the peace of the countryside. Property in Haute-Saône has a lot to offer in terms of the many available properties at affordable prices: plots of land, apartments, village houses, or renovated farmhouses in the quiet of the countryside. So, an apartment in Gray, an old winegrower's house in Vesoul, or a renovated mill in Lure?

Apartments and houses for sale in Haute-Saône

One of the many ponds in Haute-Saône

One of the many ponds in Haute-Saône

Jura Property

The Jura is a department with a lot to offer! Nature lovers, enthusiasts of old buildings and gourmets will find plenty to do here. The first group will go to look at the marvelous lakes surrounded by forests, with splendid waterfalls and lovely pine forests. The next group will wander through the historic town of Dole, town of art and history, or in the lanes of beautiful villages like Château-Chalon. As to the third group, they will be able to relax with a good Comtois stew and a glass of Jurassic wine. You can build the house of your dreams on a plot of land in Lons-le-Saunier, buy an apartment in Dole, or an old wine grower's house in Arbois.

Apartments and houses for sale in Jura

The town of Dole

The town of Dole

Doubs Property

Between the wooded hillsides, the deep valleys and the lakes and waterfalls, Doubs offers so many magnificent natural sites. The cirque de Consolation, the saut du Doubs waterfall, the spring of la Loue... are all places that nature lovers and outdoor freaks just love. But this is also a department that shelters a rich architectural heritage with towns that are interesting to visit and pleasant to live in. Property in Doubs offers great variety for all budgets. There are a lot of building plots, apartments and houses, as well as big beautiful houses waiting for you! So you just need to decide on the area. Around Besançon, capital of Franche-Comté, near Montbéliard, town of art and history, or Ornans, the 'little Venice of Franche-Compté'?

Apartments and houses for sale in Doubs

The village of Ornans

The village of Ornans

Belfort Property

Despite its small size, Territoire de Belfort is a department where hikers and nature lovers never get bored. The regional park of Ballons des Vosges offers magnificent landscapes and mountains with curiously rounded summits. One can hike here without ever getting bored with it. Malsaucy Lake, near Belfort, is an ideal spot for fishing enthusiasts, bird watchers and fans of water sports. Property in Territoire de Belfort offers a wide choice of properties at reasonable prices. So what would you say to an apartment in Belfort, town with an amazing past? Or maybe a character house in Delle, or a lovely house in wood, chalet style, in Pérouse?

Apartments and houses for sale in Territoire-de-Belfort

The banks of the Savoureuse, Belfort

The banks of the Savoureuse, Belfort